«Obiimy» is a soft touch for your body. With all the tenderness of Ukrainian nature, the vibrant colours of the paintings and the power of the charms of our ancestors.


Welcome to the presentation of the brand of silk accessories "Obiimy"! Today, we will talk about the uniqueness of this brand, its founder Svitlana Snizhko, and the social mission it carries.
Uniqueness of "Obiimy": The brand "Obiimy" is distinguished by its impeccable quality and unmatched beauty of silk. Each accessory is carefully crafted using natural silk and unique designs. The prints, based on the creativity of renowned artist Svitlana Snizhko, reflect the beauty of nature and Ukraine's cultural heritage.
Founder Svitlana Snizhko: Svitlana Snizhko is a talented Ukrainian artist who brings her creative ideas to life through elegant silk accessories under the brand "Obiimy." She is known for her unique style and ability to convey emotions and inner beauty through her artistic works.
Social responsibility: "Obiimy" was founded during a time of war when Ukraine needed support and unity. With this in mind, the brand actively participates in charitable initiatives aimed at supporting soldiers and those affected by the conflict. By purchasing "Obiimy" accessories, you become part of this noble mission.
Individuality and elegance: Each "Obiimy" accessory is an expression of your individuality and style. Whether you choose a delicate scarf or a stylish twilly, each "Obiimy" accessory adds charm and luxury to your look.
Symbol of national pride: "Obiimy" is a brand that promotes Ukrainian culture and national heritage. Silk accessories with unique prints by Svitlana Snizhko become symbols of our national pride and empathy.
The embroidery of the Trypillian talisman on silk twilly represents deep connections with Ukrainian culture and heritage.